Our time is running out!

More than 2 million people in Israel suffer or will suffer during their lifetime  from the terrible mental disease - depression. The rate of self-harm and suicide increases from minute to minute.
According to statistics - by the end of the day another person in Israel will commit suiside.


More than:

People live in israel
Suffer from depression
Committing suicide every year

Only with your support we will be able to put an end to depression

Join me and together we will create a life-changing project that will give each and every one of us the tools to beat the depression and be truly happy.

The vision is to create an entire area on my site, SimplePSY that will be completely free of charge and accessible to all. Only internationally renowned psychologists will publish there: articles, studies and tips that will give you the secrets to your true happiness and ways to defeat depression!

Who am I?

Igal, 21, soldier. I live the field of psychology and updated on a daily basis in the latest studies, news and events. There is no book I will not read, there is no film I will not see, no research I will not go through.

Life shapes us and makes us who we are. Life shaped me and taught me how to appreciate, to love and especially to say thank you. Some will say, "You are only 21, what have you been able to experience?" From beating to fainting, from suicide threats to self-harm, from mental illness to serious addictions, from independent living, from an empty refrigerator to lack of bread on the table, from debt to the black market and threats to my life - I went through some bad things.

I'm here so you will not be there.

SimplePSY was born to spread and teach the secrets of psychology in the simplest, easiest and fastest way. Publishing articles, translating studies, writing reviews and performing in-depth analyzes. Everything so that you will be truly happy.


Where am I now?

Almost every day a new article is uploaded to the site, written by me and my efforts, which comes from my personal experience in life, from the difficulties and successes I experienced. I do not have a degree or any academic knowledge in the field - I only have the love and the desire to help and change.

I am one person with one dream - create one big change. I invested hundreds of hours in building a site, thousands of hours writing content and tens of thousands of hours in advertising. It's all me, alone.

Now is my time to ask you to join me, join the change and support the central project of simplePSY - a life changing project! It's time to take the website 10 steps forward - and all of this can only happen thanks to you.

It's time to evolve!

My vision is to create an exclusive and professional platform on the site that will give you all the latest tips, studies and articles that relate to you - to your happiness.

The platform will be exclusive to SimplePSY and will include only TOP psychologists and national and international experts who will distribute daily the tools to get out of the depression, fight the anxiety, overcome all the difficulties and give you tools that can be applied RIGHT NOW.

You can enter the professional area of the site at the touch of a button -completely free of charge. Where the best minds will give you any type of content you can think of: professional personality tests done by qualified psychologists, exclusive Israeli research about your soul, tips from decades of experience, research and development of the acclaimed academic and a lot of powerful content.

In addition, on the same platform, you will have the opportunity to immediately contact the psychologists, receive personal advice and guidance for the future in a completely free manner - and those interested in a personal meeting and close psychological treatment will be given a huge discount for those coming through the site.

More than 2 million people in Israel suffer or will suffer during their lifetime from the terrible depression. The rate of self-harm and suicide increases from minute to minute. They NEED you! Only with your support we can put an end to their suffer.

OUR success depends on YOU.

Support now!

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Supporters gifts

With a support of only 30 NIS you will receive a personalized key chain with the Smiley logo of simple psychology straight to your home.

With a support of only 50 NIS you will receive a custom high quality handmade fabric bracelet with the words "I am happy" straight to your home.

With a support of only 100 NIS you will receive a unique shirt made for you only with the words "I am happy" straight to your home.

With a support of only NIS 150 you will receive a shirt, a cloth bracelet and a key chain - all hand made and made personally and uniquely for you straight to your home.

All delivery fees is on you.

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